Get more out of your marketing effort with a strong, relevant, and robust strategy that focuses on resources where they have the most impact.  Develop effective segmentation, brand and omnichannel marketing strategies based on data, insights, competitive intelligence, environment analysis, and a deep understanding of the ideal customers.

Segmentation strategy

Solving sales and marketing challenges starts with knowing who your customers are, how their needs are being met, their pain points, buying journey and decision drivers. It demands a comprehensive and disciplined approach to customer segmentation and profiling. 

Salt Strategy starts with your primary customer data and secondary data and fills gaps with new research. Our segmentation modelling process blends qualitative and quantitative techniques to help you identify and size your most significant and profitable segments. The result is a more accurate description of your customer that can identify areas where you can find more of your best customers.

Brand Strategy

Brands are living business assets and, as such, need a strategy that uniquely positions them for long-term success. Focusing purely on message delivery and tactics is a short-term approach which erodes a brand's uniqueness and a sense of purpose. Brand strategy development starts with understanding your consumer's needs and emotions, the competitive environment, the competitive advantage of your brand and the vision for its future.

Salt Strategy can help define your brand's purpose, values, personality and positioning, and the most compelling reason for customer choice: the brand proposition (promise). A clearly articulated, persuasive, and competitive brand strategy brings ailing brands to good health and sets new brands on the path to long-term success. 

Brand Integration

Mergers and Acquisitions can generate significant efficiencies, increase value, market share, and provide access to new markets and categories. However, when you acquire a company, you also acquire its brand portfolio, which can diminish in value if not integrated well. 

What to do with your corporate brand and expanded brand portfolio is not just a strategic decision but also an emotional decision for the people who came with the acquisition. 

Salt Strategy's brand audit process can objectively help you decide whether to retain or merge brands and guide your team through a careful planning and disciplined execution process.

Brand Architecture

Complex and overlapping brand portfolios confuse customers, but most marketers think of brand architecture only during times of change, like mergers, acquisitions, rebranding and product launches. Strategic brand architecture makes your business easier to understand and reminds consumers of the brand family's value proposition; it allows them to form strong relationships with your business.

Brand value by fully leveraging your corporate and sub-brands makes your business easier to manage and improve brand investment decisions.

Salt Strategy can organize your brand portfolio's hierarchy, clarify the relationships, and provide a road map for brand identity development, including future brand additions.

Diversity strategy

Every market has underserved cultural segments but diving into a cultural niche because your competitors are doing it isn't a good strategy. Before you jump in, there are many questions to be considered, like:

  • Is the niche big enough to be profitable?
  • Does your product have an advantage in this segment?
  • Do you understand the cultural segment?
  • Will your message resonate?
  • Is there an effective media ecosystem in place to target this audience?
  • Should your approach be inclusive or exclusive?

Salt Strategy can help you identify and size up the niche opportunity, find insights that would resonate, develop effective strategies and provide oversight to your mainstream agency or your cultural agency partner.

Omni-channel Marketing Strategy (including e-commerce)

Unlike multichannel marketing, omnichannel marketing enables your audience to seamlessly access your brand through different channels from the instore, marketplace to online for a personalized and unified brand experience. 

Salt Strategy can help you create an omnichannel marketing strategy to provide an integrated and seamless brand experience across multiple touchpoints and channels to improve conversion, retention and customer satisfaction, and better customer data collection.

The stakes have never been higher for businesses through the pandemic. To thrive business, need to succeed online first. Like a traditional business, e-commerce businesses are also defined by who is buying, who is selling, what they are selling, the resources and activities required to bring the value proposition to life. Delivering the proposition profitably to the audience includes identifying activities critical for operations, sales and distribution, pricing, promotions, fulfilment, shipping, returns and service.

Salt Strategy can help you build your e-commerce strategy with a robust process. Our E-commerce Business Model and Strategy Matrix is a strategic template for developing new or refining existing e-commerce business strategy.

The chart organizes the core operational, human, marketing, and financial strategies and reveals the relationship and trade-offs between them to compare alternative and competing models efficiently.