Understand customer needs and preferences, test features, web flows, user experience (UX) and creative messaging. Use lean and agile, qualitative, and quantitative research techniques to support iterative development of a product, corporate strategy, marketing strategy, e-commerce strategy or creative strategy. Get to market faster with greater efficiency and achieve better outcomes.


Data without actionable insights is meaningless. Quality brands are built on quality insights. Insights are not just building blocks of great brands; they are also critical to the new brand and product innovation process. 

Salt Strategy will mine your existing data for usable insights or help you apply needs-based research and creativity to gain a clear and deep understanding of the real drivers of consumer behaviour. 

Customer Experience (CXR) Research with product and service

Give customers a great experience, and they will buy more, be loyal and share their knowledge with others. Customer experience is the internal and subjective response customers have to any direct or indirect contact with a company. It could be during purchase, use, service, or even unplanned encounters with your company's products, services, associated brands, news, endorsements, or marketing touchpoints.

Salt Strategy can help you identify, collect and analyze data about your planned touchpoints throughout your customer's decision-making process so that you can preserve the positive interactions and improve the ones that aren't.

Web user experience (UX) research 

Every step you take to improve your website's user experience improves conversions, which benefits your topline. Your website's flow and structure should be intuitive and constructed around conventions that are familiar to your audience. Whether you are selling or want people to subscribe to your mailing list, it helps to understand your user's experience to optimize your website's flow.

Salt Strategy can help inform your website design with usability testing, agile A/B testing and find insights from the analytics so that your visitors have a frictionless, branded and meaningful experience.

Market Opportunity Analysis

An effective opportunity discovery process starts from the inside-out and from the present to the future..

Starting with an analysis of your company's capabilities and the value proposition, we look at the environment, customer segments, competitive landscape, and consumer decision journey to uncover opportunities.

Salt Strategy can help identify under-served markets or previously unprofitable niches that you can exploit with minor innovations or tweaks to the product, packaging, distribution, or branding.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive intelligence informs successful strategies. Mapping your competitors' strategies and priorities, specifically their market, audience, product, capabilities, messaging, and sentiment, helps determine successful competitive strategies and detect and even predict shifts in their priorities. Importantly this enables you to discover their weakness and identity threats to your brand, find market gaps and unique positioning opportunities for growth.

Whether you are entering a new market, targeting a new segment, launching a new product or developing marketing plans, we can help you understand your competition and marketplace to make effective business decisions.

Environmental Analysis

It is difficult to thrive without a well-researched strategy, but even a successful strategy must be evaluated regularly for effectiveness based on external environment changes. The environment is dynamic; what has worked in the past may not be as effective today. 

Salt Strategy can help you look externally and identify prominent lessons, trends, opportunities, threats, anticipate factors affecting your sector and help you recalibrate your strategy for better outcomes.

Customer Journey Mapping

The most efficient marketing reaches consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions. For marketers to be more strategic about how they connect and provide information to their consumers, they need to understand how consumers discover, learn, purchase and experience a product. .

Salt Strategy can guide the research process to help identify critical touchpoints in the four primary battlegrounds in your category: initial consideration, active evaluation, a moment of purchase and post-purchase experience, including turning your customer into an evangelist.

Messaging & creative research

Messaging and creativity can be divisive topics in any organization. Product teams, marketing teams, CFOs, CEOs and other stakeholders have a different perspective, and naturally, opinions differ, but what truly matters is what the customer thinks.

Does the concept break through the clutter? It is relevant to the audience, does it engage them rationally and emotionally, and does it motivate the audience to learn more about the brand or take the desired action?

Salt Strategy can help you identify insights, triggers, barriers and motivations, imagery, and tonality most likely to resonate with your customers.

Brand audit

A brand is what the audience thinks it is. An effective brand audit looks at the brand from the inside out and outside to help identify the differences between the company and the customer perception. If your brand's performance is declining, the brand audit can identify the factors driving the decline and the solutions to stem the decline.

Salt Strategy can help you analyze social sentiment, customer reviews, customer service data, site analytics, overlayed with existing and new tracking research.

Marketing audit

Marketing audits are also known as Marketing Assessment, Marketing Diagnostic, Marketing Analysis, Marketing Performance Analysis or Marketing Value Audit.

Marketing Audits help you understand your marketing's effectiveness, sharpen marketing strategy and focus resources where they have the most impact.

Marketing Effectiveness Audits are an independent and comprehensive assessment of a company's entire marketing effort from the macro environment to measurement down to evaluation.

While the audits rely on data, we also work with gaps and imperfections by taking calculated leaps. We also factor in any evidence of creativity and quality of execution as a contributor to marketing performance.