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The market environment has changed.

Has your marketing strategy?

Optimize your marketing strategy for the new environment and improve metrics like sales, leads, traffic, churn, cost of acquisition and brand measures across physical and e-commerce channels. ​
Salt Strategy helps you get more out of your marketing investment. We do this by optimizing your omnichannel marketing strategy, increase message relevance, improve conversions, and focus resources where they have the most impact in generating higher returns.
We use lean and agile research techniques to understand customer needs and preferences, test features, web flows and design and user experience (UX). Our virtual surveys, interviews and focus groups deliver quick feedback and insights to inform product development, marketing strategy and e-commerce strategies helping you get to market faster.
We use our data-driven Marketing Optimization Process (MOP) to recalibrate your marketing and e-commerce strategy to the dynamic environment and business goals. The MOP examines the customer’s journey through the funnel, across virtual and physical touchpoints. It helps identify where resources could provide more value, surfaces insights and opportunities with actionable takeaways to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.
The stakes have never been higher for businesses selling online. To thrive business, need to succeed online first. We can help you develop an effective e-commerce marketing strategy based on a clear understanding of the ideal buyer and the touchpoints along the buying journey. Our conversion optimized e-commerce sites provide a delightful and seamless brand experience from bricks-to-clicks and converting traffic to sales more efficiently.
Last’s year marketing strategy is clearly out of sync with the new environment. Even before the pandemic, marketers wasted about 26% of their budgets on unproductive strategies and ineffectual channels. Rapidly evolving trends and behaviours, driven by technology and the market environment, can misalign your marketing strategy. What worked before may no longer be as effective now. Our Marketing Optimization Process (MOP) helps improve your marketing effectiveness and outcomes. When marketing is effective, it not only improves financial metrics like ROI and ROAS but also drives growth and creates long-term value.


57% of leaders agree that it is important to review and realign marketing strategy every few years.**


Collaboration of Experts

The Marketing Optimization Process is deployed by a multidisciplinary team of experts in research, analytics, strategy, creative, digital and traditional media.


Be a trusted adviser to business and marketing leaders, and help them build stronger brands and generate significantly better returns on their marketing investment.

Salt Strategy

Salt Strategy helps marketers understand their customers, develop or refine their marketing strategy, messaging and targeting to achieve better business results across physical and digital channels. We use lean and agile research techniques and our data-driven Marketing Optimization Process (MOP) to systematically analyze your marketing effort to make evidence-based recommendations. We avoid bias and strive to be trusted advisors to our clients.

Principal Consultant,  Marketing Research & Strategy

Aziz Memon is a career brand and omnichannel marketing professional. He has helped B2B, B2C, and D2C marketers in Canada and Asia understand and engage their customers, build brands, generate leads, build loyalty, and achieve revenue goals across channels.

Aziz Memon, Marketing Effectiveness Auditor & Advisor, Salt StrategyAs an advertising professional, he has worked in leadership roles with WPP, the world’s largest marketing services company in Canada and across Asia. As a marketer, he has grappled with the dynamic challenges facing CMOs today.

Aziz has worked with diverse business sectors like Finance, Packaged goods (CPG), Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, Automotive, Tourism, Healthcare, Not-for-Profit and Government services.

Aziz also co-founded during the pandemic to help businesses plan and build an efficient e-commerce channel. Aziz is a certified management consultant and an adjunct professor of Business at the University of Guelph-Humber. He aspires to storm the stand-up comedy scene someday.



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