Improve marketing effectiveness and reduce budget waste.

Optimize your marketing strategy.

An optimized marketing strategy delivers better measurable returns. It provides improvements in metrics like sales, leads, traffic, churn, cost of acquisition and in brand measures across digital and offline channels.


We optimize marketing strategies using our comprehensive data-driven Marketing Optimization Process. The Marketing Optimization Process (MOP) helps marketers understand the effectiveness of their marketing, sharpen marketing strategy and focus resources where they have the most impact.

The Marketing Optimization Process (MOP) systematically and comprehensively analyzes your marketing strategy from a fresh independent perspective and in the context of the macro and micro-environment, situation, objective and the evidence, including evidence of creativity and execution.


Marketers globally, waste about 26% of their budgets on unproductive strategies and ineffectual channels. Driven by technology, rapidly evolving trends and behaviours can misalign your marketing strategy if not optimized. What worked before may no longer be as effective now.

Our Marketing Optimization Process (MOP) helps prove and improve your marketing’s contribution and effectiveness.

When marketing is effective, it not only improves financial metrics like ROI and ROAS but also drives growth and creates long-term value.


› Gain a fresh perspective

› Get an independent second opinion

› Prove and improve the ROI of your marketing

› Adjust your marketing strategy to stay relevant

› Recalibrate touchpoints in the customer decision journey

› Align marketing strategy with business strategy

› Spend resources where they will have a greater impact

› Reduce pressure on marketing resources

› Support decision making

› Inform marketing strategy and planning

› Discover opportunities and obstacles

› Benchmark for the future

› Set appropriate objectives


57% of leaders agree that it is important to review and realign marketing strategy every few years.**


Have a trusted advisor review your marketing, challenge your assumptions, and evaluate whether your marketing fully delivers on the marketing goals. It is a crucial step for companies that want to take their performance to another level.

Driven by data, the Marketing Optimization Process (MOP) systematically and comprehensively analyzes your marketing. Starting with the macro and micro-environment, the MOP evaluates objectives, mix, branding, messaging, and offline and online activities and helps align strategy to the environment and business objectives.

The MOP examines the customer’s journey through the funnel, across virtual and physical touchpoints. It helps identify where resources and value are lost and surfaces insights and opportunities with actionable takeaways to improve marketing effectiveness.


Evaluate the attribution model and metrics currently used to measure contribution by the marketing mix, channel and tactic. Validate the existing model or gain alignment on an updated model. Recalculate ROI to prove marketing contribution and establish a more sophisticated benchmark to measure marketing performance.
Understand the influence of dynamic and uncontrollable factors on your marketing performance. Evaluate and recalibrate the marketing strategy to the market dynamics, address the risks, tap trends and opportunities to improve marketing effectiveness.
Understand Customers, Competitors, and Channels to help evaluate and optimize marketing effectiveness. Identify latent threats and opportunities for further study. Customers: Size and segments of the market. The customer decision journey, potentially influenceable decisions, barriers, and drivers at critical touchpoints. Competitors: Marketing strengths and weaknesses of their marketing mix, messaging, investment, customer touchpoints and marketing performance. Channels: Relative strengths and weakness of key channels within the category and their importance to key competitors.
Evaluate the marketing strategy starting with objectives, targeting, marketing and promotional mix, messaging, and touchpoints in the context of the macro-environment, micro-environment and the customer decision journey through the marketing funnel. Find weaknesses, gaps, potential wastage and opportunities across the marketing mix, and analogue and digital touchpoints in the funnel. Utilize this opportunity to recalibrate and optimize marketing return on investment (MROI). Identify potential opportunities for further evaluation. Utilize the mix and rework marketing mix model
With the comprehensive Audit now complete, this stage connects the dots to discover further material opportunities to improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency across the marketing value chain. It identifies opportunities for quick-fixes to enhance marketing performance and short-medium- and long-term fixes for further validation or implementation. Apply predictive MMM modelling to estimate the potential impact of proposed fixes to marketing contribution.
Our Marketing Optimization Process is modular, as every marketer’s situation is unique. The MOP usually pays for itself by extracting more value from marketing.


​Salt Strategy helps marketers optimize their marketing strategy to improve marketing effectiveness and achieve better business results.

We use our comprehensive, systematic and data-driven Marketing Optimization Process (MOP) to optimize marketing strategy.

The MOP is deployed by a multidisciplinary team of experts in research, analytics, strategy, creative, digital and media.

We strive to be trusted advisors to our clients. Our conclusions and recommendations are based on evidence, without bias and therefore effective.


Be a trusted adviser to business leaders helping them get more out of their marketing


1. Be the best at one thing

2. Advice must be supported by truths

3. Value delivered must exceed our fee

4. Client information is confidential

5. Continually optimize our process



The Marketing Optimization Process is a collaboration by domain experts in Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix, Marketing Data Analyst, Marketing Research, and Analogue and Digital Media Strategist.


Power BI: Data Analysis and Visualization platform

MMM: Marketing Mix Modelling platform (Optional)

“Minor fixes across the marketing funnel can add up to significant top-line and bottom-line benefits for marketers.”
Aziz Memon, MBA, CMC

Principal Marketing Effectiveness Adviser , Salt Strategy


Aziz has worked in Canada and across Asia, helping B2B and B2C marketers understand and engage their customers, build brands, strengthen equity, generate leads, build loyalty and achieve top-line targets across diverse business sectors.

His tenure in Advertising exposed him to diverse business sectors like Finance, Healthcare, Packaged goods (CPG), Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, Automotive, Tourism, Not-for-Profit and Government services.

His roles in Marketing exposed him to all other marketing levers and greater accountability. As a marketer, he grappled with the dynamic challenges facing CMOs today –  proving marketing attribution, the surge of data sources, data silos and data imperfections, and the proliferation of marketing platforms.

Aziz has developed a comprehensive Marketing Optimization Process (MOP) that utilizes multidisciplinary marketing experts, established analytics platforms and proven tools to help improve your marketing effectiveness.

MORE: Roles, Education, Memberships and Certifications
Previous roles

  • Chief Marketing Officer, Farber.
  • President, Bob’s Your Uncle.
  • Partner, Monsoon Communication
  • EVP and CCO, Bates PanGulf (a WPP company)


  • B’Com, Mumbai University, India.
  • MBA, McMaster University, Canada
  • HAFT, Sophia College, India

Membership and Certifications

  • Member CMC
  • Professor of Business, University of Guelph Humber.



SPECIALIZED – We Optimize Marketing Strategy.

COMPREHENSIVE – The MOP is an end-to-end framework.

EVIDENCE-BASED – The MOP is guided by data and insights.

PRACTICAL – The MOP provides actionable takeaways.

VALUE – The MOP pays for itself by creating value.

INDEPENDENT – We are unbiased and solution agnostic.

The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is the profession’s only international certification mark, recognized in 43 countries. It represents a commitment to the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession. CMC-Canada (the Canadian Association of Management Consultants) administers, and its provincial Institutes confer, the CMC designation in Canada. Salt Strategy operates by the institute’s code of professional conduct (see code of conduct).



Optimize your marketing strategy and improve your top-line and bottom-line with our comprehensive and systematic Marketing Optimization Process (MOP).

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