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Consumers have become brands themselves.

Overwhelmingly, they want their own personal brand to be meaningful and different from the other 7 billion people on the planet – including the 1.5 billion on social networks online. They have different values and they want these values reflected. The most valuable brand for them is their own.

We call this cultural shift the “Me Paradigm.”

Is your brand positioned for growth in this new reality?

We find growth opportunities for brands in this new paradigm.


We look at your customer, category and brand through the “Me Paradigm” lens, and seek gaps and opportunities along your marketing value chain, your branding effort and your consumer’s decision journey.

The “Me Paradigm” framework is built on five realities.

1. Every customer is a segment of one.

2. Every customer is a brand.

3. Every customer wants to be perceived and be treated as special.

4. Every customer is in different markets at different times and places.

5. Every customer has a voice in the internet democracy.

Who can benefit from the “Me Paradigm” framework?

  • Brands in flat or declining categories
  • Brands that are becoming parity
  • Brands entering the market


Working upstream from Advertising agencies, Salt Strategy provides discovery and strategy services with a singular focus of finding and leveraging opportunities for brand growth.

Services include: Brand Audit, Opportunity Mapping, Market & Competitive Analysis, Path to Purchase (Customer Decision Journey) Mapping, Segmentation & Profiling, Niche & Diversity Strategy, Customization, Brand Audit and Brand Strategy.

Brand Audit

Brands live in a constantly changing environment, which is why even with the best management, brands can sometimes deviate from the factors that support it and gradually lose relevance. Smart CEOs and CMOs will every three to five years invest in a detailed analysis of the current state of the brand so they can guide it to fit the new landscape.

An effective brand audit looks at the brand from the inside out and outside in to help identify the differences between the company and the customer viewpoints. No two brands are alike, which is why our brand audit process can be tailored to the needs of the brand. So if your brand’s performance is declining we can help discover why your brand is not performing and how it can do better.

Competitive Landscape Mapping

Competitive intelligence informs successful strategies. Mapping the strategies and priorities of your competitors, specifically their market, audience, product, messaging and sentiment helps determine successful competitive strategies, detect and even predict shifts in their priorities. Importantly this helps you discover their weakness and identity threats to your brand; find market gaps and unique positioning opportunities for growth.

We can help you understanding your competition and marketplace so that you can make effective business decisions, whether you are entering a new market, targeting a new segment, launching a new product, modifying an existing product or developing marketing plans for the next year.

Opportunity Mapping

An effective opportunity discovery process starts from the inside-out and from the present to the future, always taking into account your company’s capabilities.

We look at the category landscape, the marketing value chain and the consumer decision journey through the ‘Me Paradigm’ lens to help uncover opportunities that are not obvious. It can help identify under-served markets, find gaps untouched by competitors or gaps that were previously unprofitable, but are now feasible because of the changes in commerce, distribution, technology and the social environment.

Opportunities come in all sizes, they can be massive, niche or specific to a cultural segment, but they always have to be profitable to exploit. They can often be tapped with minor innovations or tweaks to the product, packaging, distribution or branding.

Consumer Segmentation and Profiling

Solving sales and marketing challenges starts with knowing who your customer is and who is influencing them. It demands a comprehensive and disciplined approach to customer segmentation and profiling.

We start with your own customer data and fill important gaps with new research. Our segmentation modeling process blends both qualitative and quantitative techniques to help you identify and size your most significant and profitable segments. The result is a more accurate description of your customer that can be used to identify areas where you can find more of your best customers.

Path to Purchase

The most efficient marketing is designed to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions. In order for marketers to be more strategic about how they connect and provide information to their consumers they need to understand the path by which consumers discover, learn, purchase and experience a product. They need to understand where and when it is best to reach out.

We guide the research process to help identity key touch points in the four primary battlegrounds in your category: initial consideration; active evaluation, moment of purchase and post purchase experience, including turning your customer to evangelist.

Niche and Diversity

There is growth to be had from poorly tapped niches, but diving into a niche or a cultural segment just because your competitors have is not good strategy.

Before you jump in there are many questions to be considered: Is the niche big enough to be profitable? Is your product suited for it? Do you have cultural insights to target the segment? Will your message resonate? Is there an effective media ecosystem in place to propagate your message to the chosen niche? Should your approach be inclusive or exclusive?

We can help you identify the niche, decide if the potential ROI is worth the effort and develop effective strategies to profitably target the niche, and we can provide oversight to your mainstream lead agency or your specialised cultural agency partner.


Is your brand stuck in a flat or declining category? Perhaps offering your customers a customization option could get your brand additional share points in a mature category.

We can audit your category and your capability, monitor consumer behaviour and trends to find growth opportunities in product customization and customized marketing. If we find that your brand is a candidate for customization, we can help you develop strategies to grow your brand through customization and customized marketing.

Brand Strategy

Brands are living business assets and as such need a strategy that uniquely positions them for long-term success. Today many brand are focused on the evolving media landscape, message delivery and tactics for immediate gains, this short-term approach is eroding their uniqueness and sense of purpose.

The Salt Brand strategy development starts with an understanding of consumer needs and emotions, the competitive environment and your vision for the brand. We help define your brand’s purpose, values, personality and positioning, and the most compelling reason for customer choice: the brand proposition (promise). A clearly articulated, persuasive, and competitive brand strategy brings ailing brands to good health and sets new brands on the path to long-term success.

Strategic Oversight

Effective execution of a strategy is often the biggest barrier to success. We can we help guide your internal teams and external partners to transition from strategy to action. We don’t project manage or guide the creative development process, but as authors of the strategy we help on-board your team, help them internalize the strategy and collaborate with them to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.


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Salt Strategy is an evidence-based consultancy that works upstream from advertising agencies to help find gaps and opportunities along the marketing value chain, the branding effort and the consumer decision journey, and formulates strategies to maximize the opportunity.

Aziz Memon, Principal Consultant, MBA, CMC

Aziz has worked in Canada and across Asia helping marketers understand and engage their customers, build brands, strengthen equity, generate leads, build loyalty and achieve top line targets across diverse business sectors.

In Canada, Aziz has managed significant portfolios at Bates Canada and Grey Worldwide; he was also a partner at Monsoon Communications, a specialized niche marketing company, and most recently was President at Bob’s Your Uncle where he focused on Strategy and Planning.

In Asia he was Chief Operating Officer at Bates PanGulf (a WPP company), a marketing communications powerhouse in the MENA region based in Dubai. While at Bates he established Healthworld, the region’s first specialized healthcare marcom company and has also served as a head of marketing for one of his largest clients.

The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is the profession’s only international certification mark, recognized in 43 countries. It represents a commitment to the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession. CMC-Canada (the Canadian Association of Management Consultants) administers, and its provincial institutes confer, the CMC designation in Canada. For more information, please visit www.cmc-canada.ca. Salt Strategy operates by the institute’s code of professional conduct (see code of conduct).

SALT-ISMS (Our values)

  • Leave no stone unturned in seeking the truth.
  • Express the truth regardless of consequence.
  • Make objective and unbiased recommendations.
  • Never present hypothesis and opinions as facts.
  • Acknowledge what we don’t know.
  • Measure our success by the success of our clients.
  • Protect the client’s information and IP.
  • Be the catalyst for positive change.
  • Strive to deliver more value than promised.
  • Take a long-term view in our relationships.


Office: +1 (416) 628-6737, Cell: +1 (416) 457-6776, Email: aziz@saltstrategy.com

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Find the truth. Act on it.

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